Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Podcasts have been a godsend in keeping me in my chair while drawing all day. However, I find that I often listen to my regular shows faster than they are produced. I'm wondering if folks out there would like to mention some of their favorites in the comments section so I can discover some new shows. Here is a list of what I listen to (all can be found on Itunes). Maybe you will find something new...

Indie Spinner Rack All about independent comics. The hosts are goofy. At least one of them is.

Also about independent comics, but with a different vibe.

NPR's Fresh Air
Terry Gross interviews subjects as diverse as Sarah Silverman, Alan Greenspan, and Alice Sebold.

KCRW's Left, Right and Center Political punditry that claims to not scream, but lefty Bob Sheer occasionally gets close. Not that I blame him.

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe Skeptics take on everything from faith healers, to free energy, to acupuncture.

KPCC's Film Week Good film criticism with a rotating batch of critics. My favorite is Henry Sheehan.

Bill Moyers Journal
This never fails to depress and outrage me. Moyers covers stories that I wish others in the press would cover. We live in a corrupt world.

Astronomy Cast I just started listening to this one. Today, I learned all about various theories of dark energy. Rad!


Valerie said...

radio lab, this american life

Anonymous said...

your a sad sad, idle, funny little man. I'm a bit of a CAr Talk dork/Prairie Home Companion fag. don't ever change.

Anonymous said...

I'm all plugged into Astronomy Cast now... thanks, I think. And in return I offer you - Zencast. Don't be afraid. your doting fan, Joe

Abstract Figure said...

What about KCRW's The Treatment? It's hosted by Elvis Mitchell, who used to be a film critic for the N.Y. Times among others and had a interview show on IFC about 10 years ago...he basically interviews directors. Last year his Bryan Singer, Darren Aronofsky, and Todd Field interviews were great.