Thursday, June 21, 2007

3 Conventions in 6 Weeks

It begins this weekend in NYC at MoCCA, an indy comic show put on by Museum of Comic Art. There will be a ton of great hand made comics with silk screen prints as well as other dealers like Fantagraphics, Top Shelf and Drawn and Quarterly. Next I'm in my home town of Los Angeles on July 15th for Felt Club. Its a craft show, but not one with needlepoint pillows with bible verses. Check out the link. There's lots of great hand made stuff being sold there. Finally it's off to the Mecca of Geekdom, the San Diego Comic Con from July 25th to the 29th. I'll be in the small press area.

In addition to the comics I've drawn or published, I'll have some new hand made screen printed plywood sketchbooks (some covers you can see below) as well as some little stuffed animals of my character Pentapus, knitted by my wife, Georgene (see above). I've also got some new wooden postcards done with Spitfire Girl. Come by and say hello.

Stuff Left by the Street on my Block 3

It's a little early for another visual log of things left on my block, but the offerings were too good to pass up. One in particular warrented two photos. They were all taken this morning, June 21.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Stuff Left by the Street on my Block 2

As I went to walk my dog, I realized that I had forgotten a poo bag. This didn't bother me, since there always seems to be some bit of trash on the block that I can use to pick up shit (and also clean up the block a little bit). So my dog decides to drop one and I look around for a bag or something. Within ten feet of where I'm standing, I find some 2 foot strips of toilet paper lying on the yard of an apartment building. Toilet paper! The block provides.

These pictures were all taken while walking my dog around my block last Saturday, May 26th.