Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Eye

I just got my contributor copy of Black Eye in the mail today. It's a black humor anthology that I did a 2 page story in called, How I Would Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Since the story is so short, I can't show too much of it, but here are a couple of panels.

The book has a great line-up of artists who contributed. You can read more about it here. You can also read about a Canadian customs agent confiscating it here.

Below are my two dogs, Idget (left) and Toaster (right). Both are notorious for eating disgusting things.


vollsticks said...

That was one of the best stories in there! I actually feel quite proud that I contributed in some way to making such a good anthology happen.
Oh and I may be getting mixed up but I saw your name in the "Family Guy" credits--I know you work in animation so I guess it is you, yeah? Those credit screens flick by so fast that the odds of my eyes settling on your name in that fraction of a second seem pretty slim...anyway I thought it was really cool to see your name on "the telly"! The stuff from your all ages book looks amazing, as usual. I've read all your Mome stories and "The Man Who..."...the world needs more Robert Goodin comics.

All the best!


bobeager said...

Had to comment like your sense of humor. Where is Black Eye from and is it still available.