Sunday, March 7, 2010

Covered Art Show

Last night was the opening of the Covered art show at Secret Headquarters and it was a great time. The place was packed on a rainy night and there were fantastic covers hanging on just about every available bit of wall space. To check out the show yourself (or even buy something) you can go here. As the curator, I spent the last few months getting e-mails with these amazing covers sent to me. It was exciting every time I heard my little e-mail alert sound. I let out more than one audible "Holy shit!" over that time. Even after seeing scans for a month ahead of time, I still marveled at the actual covers on the wall. There are some colors and details that a scan just can't capture. If you live or are visiting Los Angeles any time this month, I would try to check it out.

Andrew Brandou and Coop, doing... I'm not sure what.

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