Friday, March 28, 2008

The Man Who Loved Breasts

My new comic, The Man Who Loved Breasts, is available for pre-order here. It won't be out until the fall, so by the time you get the comic in the mail, you will have forgotten about it a long time ago. However, after coming home from a miserable day of school or work, this may be the perfect surprise to brighten up your day.

The Man Who Loved Breasts is a one-shot, 32 page black and white comic from Top Shelf. In the title story, Stanley DeMcMacsonianovskivich has been working a dead-end job his whole life and is looking for a way out. He has an epiphany that the secret to happiness is to make a living doing what you love, but his passion isn't exactly golf. The back-up stories are George Olavatia: Amputee Fetishist involving a fertility clinic and a man with specialized tastes and A 21st Century Cartoonist in King Arthur's Court.


Mister Him said...

Can't wait!

Patrick Kochakji said...

Sup rob. Looking forward to it!