Tuesday, January 29, 2008

George Olavatia: Amputee Fetishist

I've been doing some production work on my upcoming comic The Man Who Loved Breasts and thought I would post the back cover. It's of the title character from the second story, George Olavatia: Amputee Fetishist. As I've been scanning all the pages and cleaning them up, some of my drawings bug me. They seem a little awkward and clunky. I figure this is typical of artists and if I redrew everything that bothered me it would take 5 years to do 30 pages of comics instead of 1. I'm just going to have to let them go. I did, however, like this back cover drawing, so here it is. Hopefully I can get this all finished so it can debut at MoCCA in NY in June.


Mike Baehr said...

And I will buy one from you there.

Happy birthday, by the way!

Robert Goodin said...

That's great to hear that you'll be in NY. I saw that you will also be at Stumptown and I think San Deigo, right? The hectic convention season is fast approaching. I'm going to Wondercon in about a month. There is just no way to sound cool when saying "I'm going to Wondercon."

Robert Goodin said...

Oh yeah, thanks for the birthday wishes!